Private workouts are available year round. Contact Terrance Florence at 518-378-9861 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to schedule your private workouts and small group sessions.

Flexible to fit any family schedule!


1-on-1 Workouts:                                                 

     This is 1-on-1 training for athletes. All players will be given a specialized program designed to sharpen all aspects of their game. The attention the player gets is extremely focused with an emphasis on specific areas of their game that may have been overlooked with their teams or in a bigger setting. Sessions will run for 1 hour. Tuition: $45/session


In-Season Workouts:

      The In-Season Workout program is 75 minute blend of basketball skill development with strength, speed, and agility work. We cover all aspects of basketball, with focus on strengthening their base of fundamentals. These sessions will maintain and create more opportunities for your athletes in their seasons.

High Volume Shooting- 30 minutes working on shot footwork, game speed, game movements,
and game situation shots.
Ball Handling- 30 minutes of intense Ball Handling that will include two ball drills and a
variation of moves in transition.


 Hot Spot

     An organized free open run. This open run is for boys and girls, grades 4th  through college.  Today, most athletes only participate in organized basketball events (practices, leagues, and teams.)This is an opportunity for  athletes to get back to just playing basketball. Athletes come to designated park for 1-on-1 competition, 3 vs 3 games, and 5-on-5 full court games.

     No prior notification required that you will be attending, just show up and compete. I encourage parents to stay, enjoy the weather and watch your athlete BALL! At least 48 hour notification of when the next “HOT SPOT” will take place via, instagram (@tee49311), twitter (@coachteeflo), and Facebook. Go follow me!


Small Group Workouts:

     The small group training program is a more concentrated program allowing for more dedicated training. The Small Group sessions are for the serious basketball player who is willing to put in time and effort to improve their game. Small group workouts have faster paced workouts, individual evaluations, as well as more emphasis on game situation drills. This program is derived from athletes who have been a part of T-Flo Basketball programs. Please contact Terrance Florence with any questions about Small Group workouts:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      


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